Patient Stories
Find out what some of our patients have experienced.
Patient Stories
See how we have helped some of our patients

57 year old lady with osteoporosis complaining of persistent neck pain, headaches, migraines and light headedness

Fiona* came after digging in the garden had triggered a bad episode of neck pain which led to her not being able to move her neck. She stated that she had suffered various issues mentioned earlier for a number of years.

Fiona* found us through her own G.P.. The chiropractor listened to the long history of her problems. They took her through an orthopaedic and neurological examination to find out the current issues and the root causes of her problems over the years.

Fiona was informed of a treatment plan and stated that after the first treatment her neck was more comfortable. The pain gradually reduced and the neck movement improved slowly but surely. After a couple of treatments she felt that she was definitely on the mend.

She improved well but we found that her issues would start to creep in again if we left her longer than 6 weeks without a treatment. Fiona has been returning for treatment every 5-6 weeks to keep her symptoms at bay.

(*names have been changed to protect patient’s privacy.)


Chiropractic is integral to health and well being.
Patients deserve the best care possible.

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Chiropractic is integral to health and well being. We are committed to improving health and wellness through the relief of musculoskeletal pain. Understanding and meeting our patients’ specific needs lies at the core of our service.


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